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Oi, you guys!

Bobby Macdog is a character I drew for the first time at my 10 year birthday all the way back in 2000. Wanting to be a real comic/cartoon artist for all my life, I've kept building on the "Bobby-verse" ever since! Since it's nearing both me and Bobby's 10 year strike of hanging on to each other (He was a invisble friend at first) I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the old Bobby stuff That's been lying around my house. Most of it is from the Danish 05/06/07 run. You may even see some characters prematurely, fun right?

Character Concepts

Harry Ebil

This guy is (loosely translated) named Harry Ebil. This is a re-design from either 06 or 07 but he was actually the very first villain ever conceived for the Bobby-verse. Originally made as a mockery of the classic bad guy from silent films that ties damsels-in-distress to railroads. I'll try translating Old-Me's scribbles for those of you who aren't fluent in danish, from the top to the left side, then the right side:
"His Hat doesn't break"
"His Hat can be used as a Time Bomb"
"Colors: Red and Black"
"This Gangster-Boss is being forced into working for Cornelius"
"He always has his hand in one pocket, to ready his gun"
"He's mean, a Scaredy-cat and a sore looser"
"His Shoes are specially made just for him, and can help him run fast in case the cops show up"
"In the tie, disguised as a quip is a lockpick"
"All of his clothes can take up to 12 shots"
"Harry Ebil, Orginial name: Mr. Evil."
"In the handle of the cane, a button is hidden which is able to turn off all alarmsystems in a radius of 10 Kilometers"
"The cane (also) consists of a poisoned hidden blade"

Eric Eagledown

Originally, The bureau was going to consist of a trio, The Naive Bobby, The Sarcastic Karlos and The Dumb as Dirt Eric. However, i chose to write Eric out of the series and at the re-design concept (which this sketch shows) make him a childhood friend gone professional serious character. He was to be introduced in chapter 14 of the 06/07 run, sadly I never finished chapter 13 which left poor Eric in Limbo. Whether or not he will show up in this run is still up in the air.
back then, as you may notice by the picture, I was going to make all three of them the same age and live out their childhoods through the 70's. There was even a spin-off in the works which featured their childhood mystery solving but nothing ever came of it. Okay, translating time:
"Shoulder sign"
"Good friend of Karlos and Vilhelm"
"Macdog's Kids patrol 1978"
"Left his friends in Forestwood to live out his dreams in California"
"Former member of Macdog's Kids Patrol"

Pookel Burger

Original Sketch (2007) Colored Version (2009)

Before Bobby was a Window washer, Bobby worked at the disgusting fastfood resturant "Pookel Burger" inspired by the drawn strips of the webcomic Bob And George. I later changed it to Window Washer, mostly not to be flamed by Macdonalds and Burger King customers. For the record, I love fastfood :)

Cover Concepts!

issue 3 front making of
issue 4 front making of
issue 5 front making of
Orginial Issue 3 Sketch Original Issue 4 Sketch Original Issue 5 sketch

This is the sketches for the front pages Issue 3, 4 and 5. As you may know, Issue 3's front was done by The Tigress, and Issue 4's front was done by Mike Youngster. Issue 5 however, was enitrely done by Me, you will probably notice a bit of Issue 1 in the background of the issue 5 sketch. That's because I used it to scale the size.

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