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Wednesday, 25, Mar, 2009 18:45:52

Why theres no new comics READ!

To whom it might concern.

i love doing this comic, theese characters has followed me since i was ten and they have grown with me as i have learned more about life.

The thing is, this comic is NOT my main project any longer and hasnt been so for 4 years.. once in a while i would make an entirely new beginning of the story on a new homepage and start all over again.

Fear not though, i WILL continue this story this time.. the thing is.. WHEN?! well.. here's the deal.

about six years ago i created a Roleplaying MUD called "The World of The Guardians". In that project, i brought alot of people with original ideas into the mix and created a story that means a huge deal to me, that story is the result of some of the best times i had in those years.. they were an escape from a rotten reality.

2 years ago, the roleplay slowly died, at that time, it had experienced being one of the greatest danish MUD's based on an original universe (most of the danish MUD's at that time were Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings based)

Now, i'm writing on a script to bring the universe back with the art help of my brilliant friend Miki J.. it's going to be awesome. to see what's in store for you around summer time you can check his deviantart account.

I'll of course write a news post here when that projects done.

so what's in store for Bobby Macdog in the future? i don't know, most of this series is unscripted which you may have noticed.

Fact is, Bobby is a doodle comic.. and it will be updated whenever i get something done.

i hope those of you who still care about the character will follow his adventures in the future, thank you =)

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