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Tuesday, 23, Mar, 2010 09:13:54

Just a little thinky thing.

I don't really know how I can call this content, since it isn't related to the comic at all. But I want to talk about Youtube.

<!--copy and paste-->

This video is embeded from it's original source ( but I personally saw it on Youtube originally at the FFreethinker account which I am subscribed to.

People who don't frequent the "community" on Youtube probably isn't all that aware of this, But while being a medium for illegal streaming and silly videos of Gerbils looking at the screen it's also an intelligent Forum.

That's right, I just called the origin of the Panda sneeze "Intelligent"

For those of you not in the know, youtube have been host to a really great number of videoes related to the religious debate. Some of the core players in the debate have been youtube users mrevilution777 jesusfreak and cdk007.

Problem is, some of the players in this debate are not playing nice. Flagging videoes and making false copyright claims whenever they see a video by someone who has a different point of view than them.

Now, Why does all this relate back to the posted video? The thing is, this video is the first one for some time that has really made me think about it. And therefore I'm sharing it with you. I'm not telling you to shun your beliefs (Be they theist or atheist) but I'm asking you to watch this video and post a comment about it. If you want to, you can call this a desperate attempt to reach out to my readers and find out what kind of people you are.

Again, Please don't take offense.

- Later Days.

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